Signifikant information platform

e-spare parts catalogue with online order system

A complete tool for spare parts catalogue management and Aftermarket sales and service

Signifikant platform is complete software for creating online spare parts catalogue with hotspot technology which run under the tablets, desktop and web environment. Platform is developed by Signifikant for managing spare parts catalog, technical documents and publish to different channels (PDF/DVD/WEB) with single click.

It automates the entire process of spare parts catalog management right from creating a new catalogue to updating the catalogue information from a centralized environment to partner, dealers and customers through web.

Key benefits

  • Search and find the right part with powerful search and filter functions
  • Filter with Product Serial or VIN Number
  • Search parts with Hot-spot on Illustration
  • View part replacement history
  • Place orders or integrate with online payment solutions
  • Easily create and manage your catalogues
  • Import AutoCAD (*.dwg) files
  • Import IsoDraw (*SVG) files with auto-hotspot
  • Integrate with ERP and PLM solutions
  • Publish catalogue to Pdf, Dvd or Web(Online)
  • Linking to external data (xml, excel etc)
  • Manage translations of parts information

Benefits of using of Signifikant information platform for spare parts catalogue management

Signifikant information platform creates chain of benefit to company, its dealers and its customer at various levels.

  • Receive error-free spare parts orders from dealers and customers
  • Enhance after-sales service and service your dealers and clients better
  • Create a connection between design, after-sales and spare parts department
  • Reduce 99% of time & cost on catalogues updates
  • Manage an unlimited number of products and spare parts
  • Eliminate duplicate parts with the help of part storage

How Signifikant platform Works?

Signifikant platform Integration video

Import IsoDraw images (SVG)

IsoDraw Integration


"We need to be well positioned to manage our business for the current climate as well as future growth, we decided to invest in the aftermarket segment.

We evaluated different solutions in the market and realized that Signifikant understood our needs and their aftermarket information platform had the most dynamic functions."

Mr. SK Sharan
General Manager
Operations for Material Handling
Division of Voltas

”Ålö AB took a big step forward in terms of improving the aftermarket service when we decided to implement Signifikant aftermarket information platform.

This application is a good tool when it comes to managing the aftermarket information. Signifikant platform has comprehensive functionality and will support Ålö as we expand.”

Anders Mill
Support Engineer at Ålö

“It's Baoli pleasure to use Signifikant aftermaket information platform. In China, KION Baoli is among one of the few OEM that is using online parts catalog system.

With Signifikant platform's user-friendly function, our parts catalogs can be updated easily and accessed by our overseas customers,dealers and service team. With Signfikant aftermarket platform good support, both our customers and KION Baoli will benefit a lot.”

Mr. Wang Gang
Spare parts manager at Baoli