Signifikant information platform

to make your aftermarket sales into profit machine

Deliver cost-effective world-class aftermarket parts ordering and service solutions with Signifikant platform

Signifikant platform is complete solution for creating spare parts catalogue with hotspot technology which run under the tablets, desktop and web environment. Aftermarket Platformat is developed by Signifikant for managing spare parts catalog, technical documents and publish to different channels (PDF/DVD/WEB) with single click.

It automates the entire process of spare parts management right from creating a new catalogue to updating the catalogue information from a centralized environment to partner, dealers and customers through web.


Platform Editions, Starter and Enterprise

Signifikant aftermarket platform SBE is standalone window based software to work locally on one personal computer. Changes in information are stored locally.

Signifikant aftermarket platform SE designed to work in client/server architecture. Changes in information are stored in server.

Component and Technology of Signifikant aftermarket platform

Editor Manager

Editor Manager Software is a window based solution that helps manufacturing companies to centralize spare parts catalog, technical manuals, part assembly illustration and integrate with their existing ERP systems. It is in the position to guarantee the decrease of time and cost for catalog management by its different publishing method (Web, DVD/CD, PDF).


Web-Viewer is a web based solution that helps distributors, service team, dealers and customers to navigate and search spare parts catalogs information, technical manuals in a very simple way and locate parts on the assembly through Hot-spot and search parts information. It supports online ordering of spare parts and very easy integrated with company ERP system.


The core of Signifikant platform is an information server providing a set of services and a data warehouse. The information server is based on Microsoft Windows Server technology, IIS and Microsoft .NET framework. The database is a Microsoft SQL Server. Data is stored using the SQLdatabase, external files for parts of your existing information and XML. Data integration is based on XML.

Microsoft .Net Framework
Sql Server
Windows Server

The architecture is designed with modern technologies as WebServices, XML and SOAP and according to the principles in service oriented architectures. Our design-philosophies are usability, flexibility, reliability and total cost of ownership.


"We need to be well positioned to manage our business for the current climate as well as future growth, we decided to invest in the aftermarket segment.

We evaluated different solutions in the market and realized that Signifikant understood our needs and their aftermarket information platform had the most dynamic functions."

Mr. SK Sharan
General Manager
Operations for Material Handling
Division of Voltas

”Ålö AB took a big step forward in terms of improving the aftermarket service when we decided to implement Signifikant aftermarket information platform.

This application is a good tool when it comes to managing the aftermarket information. Signifikant platform has comprehensive functionality and will support Ålö as we expand.”

Anders Mill
Support Engineer at Ålö